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Start Making Your List and Checking It Twice

Look at your iPod play lists, what’s on there?

Carry a pad of paper in your car and every time you hear a great song you want to hear at your wedding jot it down. That list will probably change between now and your wedding day, but it will give you some good ideas.

If pen and paper are a little too old school for you, use the incredible Shazam app. Just click a button and it will tell you the title and artist of whatever song it hears, tags it and adds it to a list for you.

Check out the most requested wedding songs to see what other people are requesting. It will give you some great ideas for popular songs to add to your Must Play List or Do Not Play List if they are a little too mainstream for your tastes.

When you add a song to your list think about how the crowd will respond to it. If you have a whole list of songs by bands no one has ever heard of, how do you think that will affect your dance floor. Try to pick songs that you know people will like dancing too. Shift the more obscure and non-danceable songs to the cocktail hour request list.

Get To Work

Don’t wait till the week of your wedding to try and figure out what you want to hear on your wedding day, you will have enough other things to deal with. Now that you’ve got some direction, start working on the perfect wedding music playlist today!

​Call us to today and we will customize a package that works for you.
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